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Obsolete Electronic Components - Board Level Components, Industrial, Mil Spec, Aerospace & Defense, Medical, Peripherals, Memory, etc.
Stock-Point sells obsolete components to Aerospace & Defense Companies.
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Welcome to Stock-Point Electronics - Global Supplier of Obsolete Electronic ComponentsStock-Point Electronics, Inc.
The Leading Global Distributor of Electronic Components

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Electronic Components Supplier

Stock-Point Electronics, Inc. is a dominant force as the industry’s leading global electronic components supplier, dealing with allocated, hard-to-find, end of life (EOL), long lead-time, obsolete electronic components for the Commercial, Medical, Industrial, and Military/Aerospace Industries.

We are a valued supplier to Tier 1 OEMs and CMs worldwide. We offer a wide selection of components by: Altera, AMP/Tyco, Analog Device (AD), Atmel, ABX, Cypress, Dallas/Maxim, Elpida, Exar, Freescale/Motorola, Intel, IDT, LSI, Microsemi, National, NEC, Oki, Phillips, Renesas, Samsung, Sprague/Vishay, SMC, ST Micro, Texas Instruments (TI), Toshiba, Xilinx, Molex, 3M, Broadcom, AVX, Kemet, Ohmite to name just a few...


Find out why Stock-Point is your #1 Distributors of Obsolete Electronic Components

Stock-Point is a leading distributor of electronic components and we are known for our experience and market insight, as well as our upfront, proactive and responsive approach to service, and unwavering commitment to quality.

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  • Outstanding Customer Service!
    Get the Red Carpet Treatment
    ** Red carpet is made from ESD material

  • 25+ years in the industry

  • On the shelf stock with

  • 200 million+ line items

  • Buy safe with our Zero Tolerance Policy of Counterfeit Electronic Components

  • Custom made programs to work with
    individual customers needs

  • EPA WasteWise Certified
  • EOL (End of Life) support

  • Excess Inventory Management -
    Sell, Consign or Trade your
    Excess Inventory

  • Mil Spec support

  • Kitting, Tape & Reeling Services

  • Discounted terms - the more you buy the better the discount

  • Financial stability

  • Woman-owned business
    (WBENC) Certified


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