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Obsolete Electronic Components - Board Level Components, Industrial, Mil Spec, Aerospace & Defense, Medical, Peripherals, Memory, etc.
Stock-Point sells obsolete components to Aerospace & Defense Companies.
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The Leading Global Distributor of Electronic Components

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At Stock-Point, we function very much like a family. We look for individuals who would like to grow their future with our growing and reputable company. Our environment is friendly and fast-paced. We are looking for energetic, personable and honest people who can bring in fresh ideas and perspectives. We embrace innovators and understand that employees of this caliber make a positive impact on our company. By the way, our BOSS…is way cool!

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Account Managers / Sales

Customers count on our Account Managers to help source electronic parts and provide creative solutions that are right for them in order to keep their manufacturing from being interrupted. To be successful, you must have the ability to be a self-starter, multitask with strong organization and time management skills, including well-developed communication skills. A strong interest in sales is important.


-Industry experience a plus, however, we will train the right candidates.
-Focus on developing buying relationships with existing and new small, medium and large electronic manufacturing companies.
-Ability to respond effectively to inquiries or complaints.
-Ability to understand client’s requirements, meet deadlines and follow up with clients.
-Proficient in Microsoft Office, Outlook and ACT! database
-Would consider opening a branch location or remote location if you are not local.

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