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Obsolete Electronic Components - Board Level Components, Industrial, Mil Spec, Aerospace & Defense, Medical, Peripherals, Memory, etc.
Stock-Point sells obsolete components to Aerospace & Defense Companies.
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Sell Your Excess InventoryStock-Point Electronics, Inc.
The Leading Global Distributor of Electronic Components

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Excess Inventory Solutions:
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Sell Excess Inventory

Stock-Point Electronics' committment to our customers is proven by our success. Our strong relationships with buyers worldwide will allow us to liquidate and maximize your return on your excess materials.

  • Liquidate slow moving, obsolete and excess inventory

  • No documentation on your excess inventory? We
    have a full audit staff available to come to your
    facility and audit your materials and supply a
    spread sheet of what is inventoried.

    • Worldwide marketing

    • True market value provided

    • Confidentiality for sellers
      and buyers


We will make you an offer on your entire lot based on true market value. This is a one-time payment.

--Moves your entire lot quickly
--Generates quick cash return
--Eliminates any carrying costs
associated with excess inventory

--ROI - return on investment is much lower
than other methods

Sell Your Surplus Inventory

This program is designed for the company that is not interested in a fast cash turn around. If you have the time and you want to maximize the most out of your excess materials we will take the product on a consignment basis.

Stock-Point will house your inventory in a separate controlled area separate from other inventory. This alleviates the space in your warehouse and allows us to have same day shipments with our customers; this will maximize the sale amount. This program is done on an open book basis and a full audit can be done at any given time.

--We arrange shipment of materials to
our facility at NO COST TO YOU

--We record and report all sales and all materials
still here on consignment, this report can also
be sent direct to your EMS providers if needed,
so they can keep your excess materials on file in
case the need comes back up.

  • An open book procedure – an audit can be
    requested at anytime
  • Very easy to establish and maintain this program
    ROI- return on investment is the highest available


  • Cash value is not realized until inventory is
  • longer process to liquidate inventory


Excess Inventory can cost you money and warehouse space. Trade your Excess Inventory for your current needs with Stock-Point's EIT Program.


--Moves your entire lot quickly
--Purchase what you need today
--Eliminates any carrying costs associated with excess inventory

There are none!!


--Like we up your warehouse space
--Turn your liabilities into your assets by trading in your excess materials for current production needs
--Don't sell your excess for a small return! We guarantee to sell you the items you currently need for below or at cost prices


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