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Stock-Point's Anti- Counterfeiting program electronic componentsStock-Point Electronics, Inc.
The Leading Global Distributor of Electronic Components

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Don't gamble. Trust your Supplier.  Trust Stock-PointIn today’s market, we are constantly plagued with the problem of counterfeit electronic components and products. This problem is very much alive and spreading regardless of what continent one might purchase their product from.

As a distributor, Stock-Point’s main goal is to make all efforts to avoid counterfeit electronic components and products ever leaving our door and ending up on our customers’ assembly lines. Supply chain management and vendor scrutiny has always been our first line of defense, with years of experience in the global procurement arena.

Our inspection processes doesn’t omit excess inventory purchases from OEMs and CMs, for they might be unaware that their inventory has been compromised… even franchised distributor inventories for that matter.

In fact, we’ve taken our incoming inspection processes to the next level with the development of a state-of-the-art counterfeit detection laboratory (in-house), providing methods which includes:

  • Logo Permanency/Mark Testing
  • Package Resurface Testing
  • Microscopy and digital imaging
  • X-Ray Analysis
  • Chemical Decapsulation and die
  • Electrical Testing (limited)

Here are photos of devices that have been decapsulated by machines in order to see the internal wafer and chip set. In most cases the condition of the device can be detected as well as the manufacturer’s logo and/or the device part # on the wafer, which will prove if the identity of the chip is actually what it represents.Here are photos of devices that have been chemically decapsulated, to see the internal wafer and chip set. In most cases, the condition of the device can be detected as well as the manufacturer’s logo and/or the device part # on the wafer, which will prove if the identity of the chip is actually what it represents.

Up to 715X magnification provides excellent imaging of semiconductor interconnections, to reveal wire-bonds, die shape/size, die-attach, delamination, voiding, etc.

Stock-Point is committed to staying at the forefront of counterfeit component detection.

A FocalSpot Advanced Verifier HR provides us the capability of in-house inspection of varying packages such as tubes, reel-to-reel and trays, in an NDE format. DPA is performed using a JetEtch II Decapsulation System from Nisene Technology Group. Electrical testing is performed using an ABI Sentry, which can detect missing or incorrect dies, lack of wire bonds, inaccurate pin outs, pin impedance.

Check out our Advanced Component X-Ray Inspection System for Component Authentication

This High Resolution X-Ray machine, with Images and Variable Magnification, provides the flexibility and quality to clearly examine all of the internal structures for proper verification.


The JetEtch II allows us to check components for:

  • Die Presence
  • Signs of Package Rework
  • Die Markings
  • Decap even the most sophisticated package types


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